Fun Christmas Games For Kids – Best Family Activities

Are you looking for the best Christmas party games for kids? If you are, you have come to the right place. We’ve got 20+ great ideas for your next holiday bash! We’ve got a game for everyone, from the kids to the adults. The holiday season is in full swing with Christmas just around the corner. There are many things to make your child feel included in the festivities. Whether you are hosting a Christmas party or a casual gathering, fun Christmas games for kids will help keep the children engaged.

Christmas Games for Kids

There are plenty of games that provide hours of entertainment for the whole family! Here are a few ideas for Minute To Win It games to get you started.

1) Jingle Bells Game – Best Christmas Game Ideas

There are many different Jingle Bells games that you can plan for kids at your Christmas party. Having your child participate in the jingle bell game is a great way to strengthen their fine motor skills. In addition to helping them develop their hand-eye coordination, this game encourages them to play smartly.

Either play the “Traditional Jingle Bells” game and place a few cups in a straight row at one end of the table and let the kids have fun at the other while trying to toss the jingle bell into the cups. This Christmas party game is perfect for both elders and kids, and they can also win a prize at the end ( or maybe just a headstart in the other game :).

Fun Christmas Games for Kids - Jingle Bells Games

Another variation to playing this game is each player gets an empty bowl, a few jingle bells, and a plastic spoon. They must hold the spoon in their mouth with the jingle bell on it. As the bells land in their cup, they score points. If you have little children, you can use candies or marshmallows instead of jingle bells.

2) Find the pickle

During the Christmas season, some families like to play a Christmas pickle game. In this game, you need to hide the pickle-shaped ornament in the Christmas tree. Children will scour the branches of the tree for this ornament. The first child who finds it wins a prize.

According to some traditions, picking up a pickle brings good luck for the upcoming year. The tradition of hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree is believed to be from Germany. However, most Americans are unaware of this festive tradition. The first person to find a Christmas pickle can get a special gift or open the present first.

3) Musical chairs

Whether you’re having a children’s birthday party or a family holiday get-together, Musical Chairs is a fun and classic game that will surely delight kids and adults of all ages. This is the game for every occasion. It’s also great to build gross motor skills and teach kids how to listen and enforce rules.

To play, you’ll need a circle of chairs and music. You can use music with a nice beat, or you can go for traditional Christmas music. Regardless of the type of music you choose, the key is to make it upbeat.

4) Tic-tac-toe

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids or an extra holiday activity to entertain friends, tic-tac-toe is a great choice.

Fun Christmas Games for Kids

Tic-tac-toe is mainly played by two players. Each player has a special mark to identify them, the player who gets the most points at the end of the round moves to the next round.

The goal of the game is to get three symbols in a row. The player who gets the first three symbols wins. For Christmas, you can use different-shaped cookies to play the game while the winner will receive a special cookie box.

Ultimate Christmas Games for Kids

5) Saran Wrap Ball – Family Christmas Game

During Christmas festivities, the Saran Wrap Ball Game can be a fun game to play with the whole family. The game is played by wrapping prizes in Saran Wrap and making a big ball.

Fun Christmas Games for Kids
Picture by Ann

To play, gather in a circle to begin the game, and the person who won the dice roll begins removing the saran wrap from the ball. The person to your right must continue rolling the dice until they receive doubles, and you must keep the ball on the tabletop at all times and unwrap it as quickly as possible. There are a few different variations to the wrap ball game, and players can add their ideas.

Fun Christmas Games for Kids- Saran Wrap Game
Picture by Ann

Depending on the size of your group, you can use a variety of prizes for this game. You can choose to add small items that are easily bent, or you can use larger prizes that are more difficult to open. You can also use red and green coloured Saran Wraps to add a Christmas touch to the game.

6) Pass the Present – Family Christmas Game with Gifts

Passing the presents is entertaining and simple to play, and it will keep everyone laughing. This is a fun family Christmas game with gifts. The game works by having everyone in the group sit in a circle. Guests will bring wrapped presents and put them in a designated area. After the music has started, each guest passes a gift around the circle.

Christmas Games

After a certain amount of time has passed, the music stops. The person holding the gift opens it to show the other members of the group. The next person to pick a present will be able to choose another present. This continues until the last person can open a gift.

7) Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Pin the Nose is a game that is popular with kids. The goal of the game is to have the nose of the snowman in the right place. You can also tailor the game to suit your party’s theme.

Christmas Game Ideas

You can use a template to print your snowman. Kids will love to play this adorable game on Christmas Day while wearing a blindfold and attempting to place a carrot nose on the face of the snowman on the poster.

8) Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a fun and festive way to entertain your kids and adult guests at the same time? If so, a scavenger hunt-style gift exchange is the best choice.

Christmas Games for adults and Kids

Hide the gifts in the house and give everyone riddles to get to their gift. The Christmas scavenger hunt riddles may be printed out and hidden about the house, and then the kids can follow the clues to a present or surprise at the completion!

9) Gingerbread Cookie Decoration Challenge

Christmas Game Ideas for adults and Kids

Start by preparing a batch of gingerbread cookies and letting them cool. Gather everyone around and set a time restriction to allow the players to complete decorating the cookies. Give everyone cookie embellishments and frosting in various colours.

Even if nobody manages to produce a masterpiece, you’ll all enjoy admiring each other’s innovation. You’ll also be astounded by how inventive both youngsters and adults can be.

10) Christmas Tree Dress Up

You can play this quick and simple game at any Christmas gathering! Just give the supplies, and let your visitors’ imaginations go wild. Establish teams. Give a set of goods to each squad.

One team member is chosen to represent their Christmas tree, and the rest of the team must work together to decorate the person as a Christmas tree as artistically as possible.

11) Pass the Santa hat

Give each child or adult a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask them to list one useful activity they wish other people to do. Put the folded papers in the Santa hat after gathering them all.

Start the Christmas song and pass the hat. When the music stops, whoever has the hat must take a paper out of it and has to perform the dare.

12) Cups Stack Castle

Cup stacking is a game that requires a bit of hand-eye coordination and speed. The goal of the game is to form a pyramid using at least 10 plastic cups The players, have one minute to do so before taking the cups down diagonally and re-stacking them (stacked all together). If it ever collapses, the player will have to restart. The first person to finish this wins!

13) Balloon Tennis

Fun Christmas Games for Kids

This game is played in two groups of two or three children.  The kids are arranged in a circle facing one another.  Each team receives one balloon in a unique colour. 

The first individual in each team lands the balloon in the air. The crew then makes an effort to maintain the balloon in the air. Avoid letting the balloon touch the floor by cooperating as a team! The team that loses is the one whose balloon touches the ground first.

14) Gift Stacking

This Christmas gift stacking game only requires a few basic things to get going. You will need to set up a variety of different-sized empty boxes and wrapping paper. Split the teams into two, then divide each team in half. They are split evenly between one end and the other. Gift-wrapping is the responsibility of one half of the team, while the other half must navigate obstacles without dropping any gifts to get to the stool, where they must balance and stack the gifts. The team with the most gifts on the stool wins.

15) Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop is a classic childhood activity. These hoops are great for teaching children how to ring and coordinate their bodies. They can also be used to play several games. This game is perfect for preschoolers and older kids.

This game is a fun way to get the kids in the mood for the holidays. Give each participant a hula hoop, and on the opposite side of the room, arrange some little gifts in two straight lines. Try to land your hula hoop around the gifts as you roll it down the hallway. Let the youngsters play until any three players are awarded a prize.

16) Blow the Balloon

Fun Christmas Games for Kids

One of the best all-time favourite Christmas games for kids is blowing the balloon. It is fun, challenging and rewarding. The best part is that the balloon can be stuffed with various items ranging from candy to chocolates to make it more interesting. The game can be a lot of fun for young children, but it is also a great way to teach them how to work with their peers.

First, get everyone together. You can divide the kids into teams. Each team will have different coloured balloons.

Next, all the team members have to blow out the balloons stuffing candies in them. The team with the most blown balloons will win and get to pop more balloons than the other team. Yay!

17) Candy Cane Christmas Games

Candy canes games are a great addition to a variety of fun Christmas games for kids and adults. They are inexpensive, easy to buy, and numerous entertaining games can be played with them. Check out these ten simple candy cane games that are suitable for any holiday gathering and are easy enough for anyone to enjoy.

18) Cotton Ball Snowman

Create a cotton ball snowman with the kids by giving them cotton balls, glue, colourful cardboard shapes, and a large sheet of paper, then let their imaginations run wild. It is simple to create and can be enjoyable. Your kids can make a snowman in the warmth of your house, which you can then hang on the wall to make it feel like Christmas.

Cotton Sanda - Christmas Game


19) Christmas Heads Up Game

Another fun game is Heads Up or Charade! It’s a great way for your kids to practice thinking skills. “Heads up” challenges players to correctly guess the word that is written on their forehead before the clock runs out using questions, charades, or other clues. You can download and print the heads-up charade cards to play this fun game with your kids

You can make the game even more entertaining by using printable challenge cards. For example, you can ask your kids to draw a Santa, a snowman, or a tree by guessing the right word. You can also add a timed puzzle competition to the mix.

20) Christmas Mad Libs Games for Kids

Another fun Christmas game for kids is Christmas Mad Libs. You can either download and print free Christmas mad lib printables for kids to solve or gather all the kids to play a hilarious game that requires the kids to guess classic Christmas symbols such as snowman, Santa, elf etc by acting like them. This game can be played as a game of rapid-fire questions. 


All these Christmas games for kids are fun and easy to play. They are great for Christmas, new year parties and family game nights. They’re fast, easy, and will have your family or kids laughing all night. Luckily, they’re also fun for adults.

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